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Call: (504)244-9200


7440 Wright Rd Suite B
New Orleans , La 70129



Now Enrolling 2nd- 9th grade for the 2014/2015 School Year


The Alpha Learning Academy provides academic excellence in a Christian atmosphere with an educational program that develops a student's intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Welcome to the 2014/2015 School year. The Alpha offers an educational program using the School of Tomorrow curriculum from K - High School. We believe that our children should have careful instruction leading them to an ability to read with understanding, write and speak clearly and accurately, with emphasis on the individual needs of each student by goal oriented achievement. Each student is diagnostically tested and prescribed curriculum at their individual academic level and according to their chronological age.

Administrator: Mrs. Latasha Williams

Learning Center Supervisor: Ms. Mary Bamburg

 Your child can learn! Whether gifted, hurting or disadvantaged, your child can learn.

This is a school where both gifted and nongifted students get personal attention side by side in the same room, and both will excel. No pressure, no boredom, and no embarrassment.


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